Very good site, especially for beginners. Provides trading tutorials and webcasts. Trades are only $4.95 (even when broker assisted). The only drawback (in my opinion) is that you need to make 25+ trades monthly to get access to live quotes for free. (50 cents per options contract).


Another vey good trading site. Charges only $2.95 per trade which makes it one of the cheapest trading sites. (65 cents per options contract).

Google Scholar

By far the best search engine for academic research

Mikael Bergbrant

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Yahoo! Finance

Good site to start when researching a stock. Find current quotes for any company as well as firm related news.



A great site to get an overlook on what's going on in the market

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Kenneth French’s Webpage

Provides data on the Fama and French (1993)factors as well as much more

Finance Association:

American Finance Association

The premier finance association in America